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About Mary

Mary WeiseHi, I’m Mary. I’m a creative and a techie, and these things have culminated in a love for making the internet a more beautiful place. I graduated from the University of Redlands with a BS in Computer Science, but decided pretty far into it that software development wasn’t for me. I had had an interest in Web Development since middle school, and so I decided to teach myself during my Junior Year.

I did some work for my professor and fellow creative, Candy Glendening of Candied Fabrics, and we started Candied Pixels. This experience led me to a job building Real Estate websites for a large corporation, but that wasn’t for me (it was how I met Lauren! Hooray!). So when the universe spoke and my position was eliminated, I made the decision to work from home.

Within a week I got connected to Nathalie Lussier and was off and running! Over the next year I had the chance to work with many amazing clients and designers, learning lots of new skills in design, development, and business. And that brings us here and now. With our powers combined, Lauren and I are here to help make your new design a reality!

But enough about me, check out what I can do for you!